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Wedding receptions are our specialty! A wedding reception is much more than simply playing music for dancing. Thousands of satisfied clients have given us the experience to provide you with exactly what you want for your reception entertainment, customized to your tastes.

Music is an integral part of a successful and enjoyable party. The disc jockey experts with Footloose will provide you with the proper mixture of music to ensure your reception will be a fun-filled event. We have virtually all styles of music to choose from. If you and your attending guests enjoy the latest top 40, hip hop, clean rap, country, rock, oldies from 1950's to last year, then we have the music you'll want at your reception! You can choose the music you want played at your reception -- you may choose to have only one or two types of music featured, or, if you're like most of our clients, you'll want a mixture of music to please everyone from grandma and grandpa, to mom and dad, plus your best friends from school. Our music library is comprised of the greatest hits of all time. With tens of thousands of songs in the Footloose music library, we're sure to have the music you'll want to hear. We offer reception favorites, including the Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, Electric Slide, Chicken Dance, The Wobble, and many more to maximize audience participation!


Footloose DJ Entertainment provides you with an experienced, professional disc jockey to not only take requests at your reception, but to also provide your guests with all of the necessary announcements, from the cake cutting, to the garter and bouquet toss, to the announcement of the first dance. Footloose disc jockeys dress appropriately for the occasion, so you need not worry about a disc jockey that shows up in jeans and a t-shirt. All Footloose disc jockeys are experienced public speakers. We issue contracts which lock-in your date on our calendar and provide you with a written guarantee. We are fully insured and have a great working relationship with all area reception halls and photographers. We are also the only area DJ service that attends the industry’s annual conventions in Las Vegas where we share ideas and add to our continuous improvement program. We have attended seminars and workshops from the wedding industry leaders such as Ferrell, Merry, Bartlett, and others to learn and invest in our future.

We receive most of our bookings through word-of-mouth referrals and from clients that have attended one of our events. It is very common for us to perform for one member of a family and then subsequently perform for all of their family members. We pride ourselves on making sure that you will be proud to have us perform on your special day and your friends will want us to perform for them in the future.

Planning a wedding can be stressful but Footloose can relieve that stress. Unless you’ve gone through the process before, there can be details that you may overlook, and you may have difficulty in choosing the perfect songs for your special dances. We provide you with song assistance with lists of the best songs for any category, plus our planning guides to help you make sure that something is not overlooked. We will provide you with a great price and an even greater service!

Choosing the wrong entertainment or choosing someone that is not qualified can negatively affect many aspects of your reception or event. What happens if the DJ can't get people to dance, or is only successful in getting the youngest guests to dance while alienating all other age groups? What will happen if they have a sound system that breaks down? Brides and grooms (as well as other clients) should do their homework and must realize that just because someone is a DJ, it does not mean that they are qualified for performing on such an important day. Bad entertainment will negatively impact your reception. If the DJ does not know what is appropriate for dinner music, the entire party will be off to a bad start, and the end result can mean that your guests won't be in a festive mood for the hours that follow. A poorly qualified DJ can cause your party to end much earlier than you expected or desired, which actually costs you money. For most, the perfect wedding is something that you've dreamed of for a long time, and you've invested a lot of time and money planning. If your guests leave early, that is a direct reflection on you. Footloose understands our role in representing you and realizes the importance of your event. There is more to DJ’ing than simply taking requests. It involves knowing how to read the audience, know how to mix, and know which songs go well together rather than just throwing things out there and hoping people may react. Our knowledge and experience position us to ensure you will enjoy your party. No two parties are the same — one week, we may be doing an event that prefers country over all other styles of music, while the next week, our client may not want any country at all. We know how to adapt and can design the perfect mix of music to meet your expectations.

When first exploring entertainment options, many brides and grooms enter the process with the assumption that finding a DJ is as simple as making a couple of calls or sending emails until they feel that they've found the lowest price that they can find. The average DJ in the Wabash Valley charges about $75.00 to around $100.00 per hour. But you should ask yourself if you will be satisfied with having simply "average" entertainment. Chances are, you didn't keep shopping until you found the lowest price for a wedding ring or dress, let alone the lowest price for food or a location to host your reception. Footloose does not charge a “below average" price for our services. And we won't deliver a performance that is simply "average”, either.

Music Requests

You can select the genres of music you want played as well as what you do not want played!

  • Top 40
  • Hip Hop
  • Rap
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Oldies
  • “Clean” Edits
  • And More!
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Audio Guest Book Services with Retro Phone

Using a retro-style telephone, our audio guest book service will allow your guests to record a message to you at your wedding reception or any other event such as an anniversary or birthday party! All messages will be sent to you via a digital download and can be played on your computer, phone, or other device that can play MP3 files. While a traditional guest book uses pen and paper, imagine a guest book with the voices of your guests leaving you their best wishes or telling a funny story. And then imagine listening to these messages after your event and being able to listen to them for years to come. Think about being able to listen to the messages on your first anniversary, tenth anniversary, or any milestone in the future. In addition to a download, we can also provide you with a disc of all of the messages.


Footloose Photo Booth Services

Just as Footloose’s music division sets the standard in the Wabash Valley for the highest quality DJ services, our photo booth is an excellent way to provide your guests with an immediate and long-lasting memento of your event. We offer a real photo booth with a four-wall structure that your guests step inside, because, after all, the booth is almost half the fun! Our photo booth produces real photo strips or full-size 4x6 pictures within seconds of the pictures being taken, with a real, high resolution digital camera. We use only dye sublimation photo printers to produce our photo booth pictures, which is the same technology used by photo finishing labs that produce photos taken by your phone or digital camera. While many other operators use ink jet printers, that type of print usually takes much longer to produce pictures and tends to lack the resolution of our printers, plus an ink jet picture is always vulnerable to being easily damaged. Quicker output time means more pictures for you and your guests, which also means more for your money! Our booth is a REAL photo booth, not just a backdrop or a frame that some photographers use or that requires you to have someone use their phone to take “selfies”. Our booth produces immediate photos on-the-spot for guests to take with them, without having to log onto a website days later or pay to have a picture shipped to them. You can also elect to receive digital copies of all of the photos that are taken.

Our photo booth can produce multiple copies of photo strips so that everyone photographed in a group will get one, while most photo booths limit you to just one or two copies. With prints for everyone, your guests will not have to decide who gets a picture and who does not! Each photo will have a professionally designed custom design that will print with the photos. For weddings, the design will include the couple’s names, wedding date, and a design with your wedding colors. For businesses and schools, the design will include your logo along with any message that you’d like.

Our photo booth division has the same mission as our disc jockey division in that you and your guests are undoubtedly going to have a great time, with entertainment and instant photos that are designed specifically for you. Our photo booth and disc jockey services may be reserved independently of one another, but for the ultimate entertainment experience, you can combine our DJ and photo booth services. Some of wedding clients have asked if it is appropriate to include a photo booth service on their wedding registry. Well, we have found that many family members or friends will sometimes be more than happy to assist with the costs because they know they are providing you with a gift that you really want, so it can be tastefully done. You’d be surprised at how many times our photo booth has been taken care of by a friend or family member, or some that go in together for the gift.

Our booth is designed to deliver the best photo booth experience. With our full photo booth package, we will set up an actual photo booth with a four-wall structure that your guests will step inside. Once inside, they will stand in front of a background in the color of your choice, and they will see themselves on a large monitor in front of them. What they see on the monitor is exactly what will appear in the picture! Once the camera is activated, a countdown timer appears on the screen, as a series of up to four photos will be taken. A few seconds later, your guests will exit the booth and our host will hand their photos to them about 30 seconds later!

“Open Air” photo booth!
We also offer an Open Air version of our photo booth for smaller gatherings or where space is limited. Instead of using the four-wall structure that guests step inside with our full photo booth package, this version of the booth is “open air” style, with a backdrop in place for the photos to be taken. The same high quality photo strips are created with either version of the booth. Most clients prefer the booth structure, as that prevents outside guests from distracting those being photographed, but others prefer the open style so that those being photographed are visible to all.

Props galore!
We can supply all kinds of props for your photo booth event. We are constantly adding new items, such as funny hats, crazy sunglasses, signs, inflatables, and much, much more. The more table space you have, the more props we can make available for your guests. Many photo booths offer minimal props, such as items on a stick. While we have some of those, we have so much more. Our props are so popular that your guests will likely want to use the booth multiple times just to have their picture taken using different props as well as to have their picture taken with other people.

Memory photo album – the ultimate guest book!
For weddings, birthdays, retirements, and other types of parties, our photo booth can provide you with a scrapbook photo album that will contain a copy of every photo taken at your event. As the photos are produced, we will place a copy of each photo in an album for you. And, what’s really great about our album is that your guests will be able to write a message for your directly next to their pictures, making this the ultimate guest book photo album!

Our photo booth is LARGE!
You’ve probably seen photo booths that require you to sit on a bench to have your photo taken. Those type of booths are everywhere, from shopping malls to most photo booth operators. The downside to a bench-type booth is that it’s completely full with just 2 or 3 people, plus all of your pictures tend to look the same. Not with our booth! The Footloose photo booth allows your guests to stand up, which provides them with the freedom to change their poses between each picture that is taken. We’ve also been able to fit as many as 11 adults inside our booth at the same time! Plus, our photo booth is wheelchair accessible. Our booth has even taken pictures with an NBA player that stands over 7 feet tall!

One or more hosts always there to help!
The Footloose photo booth is always attended by one or more members of our staff to assist your guests in and out of the booth, to create your ultimate guest book photo album, and to maintain the props in an orderly fashion. Our operators set up the photo booth, are there to operate and maintain it, and will take it away upon completion. You and your guests have nothing to worry about, except perhaps trying to decide what props you’re going to wear and who you’re going to have your picture taken with next!

Unlimited photos!
With our photo booth package, you get unlimited photos, all at no charge to your guests. You may reserve our booth for any amount of time that you’d like. The average party will have around 100-150 guests. With a 2 hour photo booth package, everyone will have an opportunity to use the booth at least once. We also find that with our booth, you can expect around 80% of your guests to participate and to take their pictures home with them. A very high percentage of your guests will want to use the booth two or more times. While DJ’ing events that have had other photo booths in use, we’ve found that guests tend to leave behind photos that are made with an ink jet printer because the photos are so easily damaged by the oils on their fingers or from condensation from their beverage. Our photos are permanent and long-lasting, eliminating that worry!

Green Screen Replacement
Our photo booth has the ability to use green screen replacement technology, which is what you see on newscasts when they’re doing the weather and the reporter stands in front of a map. With green screen replacement, we can use images that you choose or even provide for the background, and your guests will be able to interact with the picture. You will be amazed at the results we’ve had with green screen replacement, such as using a fireworks background that looks like the guests had fireworks shot off directly behind them. Your background picture with green screen can be the same background for all of the photos or you can use a different background picture for each picture that is taken. Our green screen replacement feature is a great way to create some interesting photos!

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Photo Strips for Everyone

Our photo booth can produce photo strips for everyone photographed in a group. This means your guests won’t have to decide who gets a photo and who does not! 



Our decorative uplighting can be used to transform the appearance of specific areas or perhaps change the look and vibe of an entire room! Through the use of our LED lighting fixtures, we can dial in any desired color that you’d like. For wedding ceremonies and receptions, for example, you may wish to have us use lighting to decorate areas in one of your wedding colors with dramatic results. At wedding receptions, we frequently enhance the head table and sometimes also add enchanting lighting effects to highlight the gift table, remembrance table, and other areas. We have wireless battery-powered uplighting that can be set up anywhere, which can be especially helpful should you wish to apply uplighting to your wedding cake that might be displayed in the center of your dance floor prior to the cutting.


Dance Floor Lighting

We offer several computer-controlled dance floor lighting options to enhance your dance floor with colorful lighting that changes color and pattern to the beat of the music. Our dance floor lighting can help set the mood for a slow song, and set the stage for fast music. It’s a great way to encourage more dancers and also will allow you to dim or turn off your overhead white lighting, setting the proper ambience for your dance floor. We have two dance floor lighting options that we frequently use, plus we can design something special to meet your expectations, ranging from something subtle to a club-like atmosphere.


Custom Monogram Projections

Another way to personalize your wedding reception is with a monogram projection of your initials or your names projected onto the wall behind your head table or perhaps on the ceiling or the dance floor. We have many options and designs available and can create something especially for you. The technical term for this type of projection is a GOBO, which stands for “go between optics”, and we can create projections of school names for proms or reunions or business logos for corporate events. We also have static and shape-changing GOBO’s available for added special effects on your dance floor or all around the room.


Wedding Ceremony or Vow Renewal

When providing ceremony services, we will play music while guests are being seated, the special songs for the seating of grandparents and parents, the entrance of groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl and ring bearer, and the bride. You may select traditional classical style wedding music or use more contemporary songs, or any combination that you’d like. Most of our clients decide to use more contemporary selections and we can offer suggestions for the perfect song. We can provide the officiant or minister with a nearly invisible wireless lavalier microphone that may be clipped onto their clothing, leaving both hands free. The microphone allows everyone to hear the ceremony without having the need for a microphone stand that will clutter your wedding photos. Should you have a reader or a singer at your ceremony, we can provide them with a microphone as well, ensuring that everyone in attendance will hear your ceremony!

Ceremony rehearsal

If you wish to practice your ceremony with the actual music that will used, you can consider having Footloose attend your rehearsal. This a great way for the members of the wedding party to know exactly when to enter and where to stand, plus the timing for your all important processional — the entrance of the bride

No electricity – no problem!

If you are having a ceremony where electricity is not available, we have a battery-powered system that can be used to play all of your wedding music! This system is ideal for outdoor ceremonies where electricity is not close by and you don’t want to use a noisy generator for power. We’ve used our battery-powered system in fields, parks, and at lakes and ponds to provide music that otherwise would not have been possible.

It’s time for a white wedding!

In the 80’s Billy Idol sang “White Wedding”, and we now offer a white wedding speaker system! This feature delivers a classic, sharp and clean, wedding presentation with our white speaker covers! White speakers simply say “wedding” at first look and your guests will be impressed with the appearance of our system at your wedding.

Music Bingo

Imagine one of the oldest games around but designed with you in mind. With Footloose’s Music Bingo, we toss out all of the numbers and create a bingo game with your favorites in categories such as music, movies, vacation spots, family members and more! Our game is unlike anything you will find on Etsy or online and is a big hit everywhere we’re played it. Our music bingo game can also be used for anniversary parties, holiday parties, and corporate events. We have many other games that we have modified or created for weddings that can enhance your event.

School Dances / Proms and Post-Proms

By securing the Wabash Valley's Leading DJ service, you'll not only get the area's most experienced DJ company, but also the proper music selection. From hip-hop to top 40, to rock, rap, country, and oldies, Footloose has all the hits of the past and present, plus a lighting system to illuminate your dance floor. For high school, middle school, and elementary events, we play music that is suitable for the student body and the occasion. We are fully insured and eliminate the problems that schools often have with less-professional DJs and can provide music that is only “squeaky” clean as we have music that is edited for regular radio airplay, and in some cases we clean it up even more. We also offer discounts to schools and can combine our photo booth services for the ultimate party.

We also cater to needs of the college community. Over the years, we have performed for sororities, fraternities, and university functions at Indiana State, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, DePauw, IU, Lakeland College, and Eastern Illinois. We have all of the favorite songs for your next formal or dance event. We can combine the latest dance hits with some of the all-time dance classics, or, if you are planning a themed evening, we can help you with the planning and create the ultimate playlist.


Securing the proper music for a class reunion may be the most difficult job for a planning committee. Without a knowledgeable DJ with the proper mixture of music, a class reunion can become dull and boring. Over the years, Footloose has performed at reunions celebrating five to fifty years, with every milestone in between. To add fun and additional entertainment to your reunion, Footloose can implement tasteful games, name that tune contests, and more. We will work with your committee to design the outline of events.

Holiday Parties and Corporate Events

Holiday parties are held by companies to celebrate the season and provide a social environment for the work force and their families. Each year, Footloose provides expert DJ entertainment for companies throughout central Indiana and Illinois. We can provide music to get your guests on the dance floor, plus entertaining games to help with the distribution or prizes. We have many games in our arsenal that can be customized for your organization. And don’t forget about our photo booth! Our photo booth is a great way to provide all of your guests with a lasting memory of your party, complete with your company’s logo and any message that you’d like. Our photo booth is great to combine with Santa for pictures, and if Santa is too busy preparing toys the day of your event, with our green screen replacement feature, Santa can be in your pictures and guests can interact with him as if he were there. Our music bingo game is another popular enhancement that you may add to your party.

Birthday Parties

Footloose can make birthday parties memorable events. Whether it's a birthday party for a youngster, or someone that hits a milestone, we will customize the music and performance for the event. Parties are often held for milestone birthdays, such as when one turns 13, sweet 16, 21, 30, 40, or 50 years of age. We once performed for a one year old's birthday party and have also performed for several folks that have turned 80. The music and events can vary greatly depending on the age of the guest of honor, as well as the ages of those that will be attending the party. We can design the proper entertainment for virtually any age group. We have many fun games that can be added to birthday parties, with some games perfect for kids, others perfect for adults, and some that can be played by all ages.

Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah

With our vast experience of playing at events since 1983, Footloose is the only DJ service in the Wabash Valley that we are aware of that has performed at both bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah parties. We will customize the performance to your expectations and can implement games into the party to get everyone involved in the action. We have had training in how to properly host a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah.


In recent years we have seen a growth in quinceañeras taking place in the Wabash Valley and before we performed our first quinceañera, we attended workshops at the annual mobile DJ convention and conferences that we attend, allowing us to know how to properly emcee the event and to assist in the planning of music.

Anniversary Party

Anniversary parties are special events, and Footloose has the experience and knowledge to help make the party a memorable event. Like wedding receptions, anniversary parties can pose a challenge for DJs that are inexperienced. Typically, anniversary parties will have a wide variety of age groups in attendance. We've been performing at anniversary parties and other events for many years, and realize that it requires a mixture of music to get everyone on the dance floor. When planning your anniversary party, ask about special games, customized to be about the guests of honor, that can enhance your party. You may also wish to consider having our photo booth services to provide your guests with a nice gift, plus we will compile a special photo album of all of your guests, with messages written by them next to their pictures. Our audio guest book is also perfect for anniversaries!